Behind the scenes of my life and work. A complete unedited album full of details and perspectives that I use. I am influenced by my own personal struggles and I find art and photography a form of escape. A “tranquil place” where the line between fact and fiction is blurred stepping out of the boundaries are one of my specialties, it gives me a different perspective on the small things that often is take for granted. Social & economic turmoil, fighting for the weaker is often reflected in my work. Woman are created as angels, with the use of light and darkness. I like to distorts reality and often push the boundaries of erotic, sensuality and sexuality to the limit. I might balance on "the line" but I do not cross it. The most influential people in my style is Helmut Newton, Michelangelo and Salvador Dali. I often uses more than one medium when creating a picture. Often painting on top of them. In summary I am a art photographer with a fine art twist on my work.
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